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The Kingdom of Benin is home to one of the oldest civilization in Sub-Saharan Africa, It is home to the Edo people, a people of unparalleled creativity and ingenuity. It’s a place that has witnessed the birth of some of the greatest monarchs to ever walked the area called Nigeria. It is home to a rich cultural population, the home of bronze & wood, of the revered Igue and the location of the seat of the great Obas. Enjoy the history, people, culture and art of the great Benin Kingdom.

The coronation ceremonies of an Oba of Benin usually last about 10 days. They begin from Egua-Edaiken, the traditional residence of the heir-apparent to the Benin Throne. On a day fixed by the Edaiken, he is escorted by his Uselu people on his journey back to Benin City. On the way he stops at an historical palm tree named “Udin ama-mieson aimiuwa” (translated to mean “work before pleasure”) which the Edaiken “climbs” symbolically. This little ceremony dates its origin to the time of Oba Ewuare the Great whose life as heir apparent to the throne was characterised by long suffering which included periods when he personally had to climb palm trees on this spot to cut the fruits for a living. This act of suffering by the father of the first Edaiken has ever since been re-enacted in a symbolic way by every Edaiken. From the palm tree the Edaiken continues his journey to Benin City; but at the first moat called (lya-akpan) in the vicinity of where the firm of Mid-Motors (Nigeria) Limited now stands, the Uselu chief in the procession take leave of the Edaiken and return to Uselu while the Edaiken is thereafter escorted into the City by Oredo Chiefs.

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